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Special Events

Massacre haunted house is open for Christmas and valentines!

The Longest Running Christmas HAUNTED HOUSE

Over 30,000 Square Feet of Christmas Fear

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Embrace the CHRISTMAS Nightmare

Prepare yourself for the ultimate Christmas scare as you navigate through twisted corridors, darkened rooms, and encounter a wicked Santa and his demented helpers. Unhinged elves lurk around every corner, popping out from the walls and sending chills down your spine. The air reverberates with Santa’s sinister laughter, shattering any visions of sugar plums and replacing them with scenes of pure horror.


Get captivated by a sprawling, immersive nightmare that spans over 30,000 square feet. Chicagoland’s largest and longest running Christmas Haunted House will engulf you in a thrilling atmosphere unlike any other. We have swapped out pumpkins for Christmas lights, and zombies for Krampus. You may even see the not-so-jolly man himself.