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  • Rated #1 In Illinois 2014 - Chicago Tribune
    "a haunt so scary it makes me think about my health, it needs to be No. 1" - The Chicago Tribune
  • Rated #1 In Illinois 2014-2015 -
    Rated #2 In Illinois 2016 -
    "intense and fun. Has been a while since I've seen that. " - Haunted Illinois
  • Rated a Top 13 Haunt 2013-2015 -
    "they are the new Dream Reapers. Scene to Scene, all of your nightmares will be brought to life"
  • Voted #1 In Illinois 2012-2014 -

2017 Professional Haunted House Reviews:
Haunted Illinois 2017 Review:
"Scare Factor - VERY HIGH We had a person leave within the first couple of rooms we went through."
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Haunted House Chicago Review:
"Every year, The Massacre gets bigger and better.� From the set details to their acting, they give patrons one heck of a show that you definitely don�t want to miss out on!"
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BIG 95.5fm Review:
"The only thing I remember is literally peeing myself." - Emily Big95.5
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Work up your nerves and step in to the #1 scariest attractions in the Midwest, The Massacre Haunted House and Fear Freakshow 3D Huanted House. Newly renovated every year and ready to deliver the scares, The Massacre offers over 20,000+ sq. ft. of sheer nightmares for your enjoyment. This custom built haunted house allows visitors to walk through in small groups of six to seven and is designed to give mature audiences the scare of their lives! Focusing on fear and fright, this haunted labyrinth dishes up over 60 rooms of pure terror where over 100 ghastly clad actors are waiting to scare and delight. Frightening mazes, eerie animatronics, and beyond is ready to fill your night with chills and thrills. 2 Haunted Houses at 1 location, 1 ticket, 1 low price.

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